Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Trout Hotel.

Photographer Garrod Kirkwood.
Photographer assistant Wiesia Bojko.

On Friday I assisted on a photo shoot with Garrod Kirkwood. We left Newcastle at 7am and we drove to Cockermouth in the Lake District. When we arrived at the hotel we met Claire from the advertising agency who was representing the clients. She was with us at the photo shoot all of the time. Garrod shot directly onto the laptop so we could look at the photos straight away. 
We started shooting outside across the river, trying to get some nice autumn colours. Garrod shot from the tripod using different exposures, he will compose a few different photos in one frame to get a dramatic sky effect and also nice lighting on the hotel building. 
At around 11am we moved inside and we took a few photos of the bedrooms. We finished at around 2pm then stayed for a nice lunch at the hotel. 
I got back to Newcastle just before 6pm and I went to see the Michel Walker exhibition at Newcastle College which was great.  


Photographer Garrod Kirkwood.
Photographer assistant Wiesia Bojko.

Photographer Garrod Kirkwood.
Photographer assistant Wiesia Bojko.

 Photographer Garrod Kirkwood.
Photographer assistant Wiesia Bojko.

The Trout Hotel Photographer Garrod Kirkwood.
Photographer assistant Wiesia Bojko.

The Trout Hotel Bedrooms Photographer Garrod Kirkwood.
Photographer assistant Wiesia Bojko.

Photographer Garrod Kirkwood.
Photographer assistant Wiesia Bojko.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mr Simon Si the magician.

Yesterday I done a photo shoot with Simon Si. He works as a full time magician in Bath.
He was looking for some fresh photographs for his website and business cards.   
I know Simon from Poland. We went to the same High School. I was suprised when he contacted me regarding photos because we haven't see each other for ten years! I was really looking forward to this photo shoot.

He arrived in Newcastle very early in the morning and we were ready at the studio at 9am. I started setting up the lights and Simon went to the fashion department to iron his suit before the photo shoot Very professional!  

When you are working on stage in front of people you must have acting skills and you have to be confident. Simon was great in front of the camera, he has lots of ideas, some gadgets and lots of different facial expressions. I didn't have to direct him too much and my main role was making sure that the lighting was good. Simon and Laura helped me lots, they are both great assistants. Thank you for helping me again. 

We used two different backgrounds and I tried a few different light set ups to get different effects. 
We spent around 8 hours in the studio with short breaks for magic tricks for Laura and the teachers.
The whole day was great, I met my old friend from my home town and took a few really good photos.

If you need magician please have a look at his website because he is really good!!!

Simon and me high key lights set up.

Behind the scenes Photographer Wiesia Bojko

Behind the scenes Photographer Wiesia Bojko

Behind the scenes Photographer Wiesia Bojko

Friday, 19 October 2012

The incident room.

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Model Alina Georgescu
Model / Assistant Laura Eddolls
Model/ Assistant  Michael Walker

Yesterday I shot my College project 'incident room'. I worked with Michael Walker and Laura Eddolls. I love to work with both of them. We helped each other with lighting, modelling and general assisting. People from our class often complain that they're not happy to work in groups but I really like it.
I think its easier to work as a team and you also have lots of fun. 
We shot in town at Madame Koo's in the girls toilets.
I shot the models first and then I took a few more photos of the room. I popped the lights in different directions.    
I am happy with the lighting, however I could have lit the floor a little bit better.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mr and Mrs Smith Clothing.

Last week me and Laura shot product shots for 'Mr and Mrs Smith' clothing company.
We had a meeting with our clients on Monday who gave us a brief and we talked through some details.
We booked the studio space for Wednesday and we started early in the morning. Using a high key lighting set up with a white background we shot 4 different hoodie design's. We used our own two models Keisha and Peter.
We also shot a few flat product shots.

We looked through the photos together and Laura edited them all! I was away for few days and I had two others project on at the same time.

You can find our photos on Mr and Mrs Smith Design Website.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Welbeck Farm Shop.

Photographer Wiesia Bojko

On Thursday I took photos for Welbeck Farm Shop. My day start really early in the morning . The shop owner ask me to be ready around at 6.  Cup of coffee, hunters, worm white cardrian, camera bag 6.15 am is still really dark outside and we are already driving to the first farm. Excitement us usal before important photo shot did not let me sleep at all. Any way I feel very awake and I am ready for action.

We arrived to the first farm.
I am not a country side girl and probably first time in my live I was so close to the farm animals so that was something new for me. People are super friendly and very chatty and happy to stop the work for a minute and pose. The biggest problem is the lighting is still dark outside and is just a little bit light from inside laps. Surrounded by mud cows I do not have too much space to set up the lights or tripod and definitely I do not have time to wait for better light. I have to take pictures here and now because we have few other places to visit.
We went to photograph the game keepers, miller,Welbeck Abbey Brewery, Stichelton Dairy.

The most dificult one to photograph was the Blagg family  Turkey farm. We went there in the afternoon sky get just covered by dark black clouds and I was taking photos in have rain. I used my speed light but I coudn't reflect the light so final photo have drmatic ligh efect.

That was the most dificult project so far, so difrant that photo shoot in the studio where you can control evrything by pressing the right buttons. But I really enjoed the chalange I have really good time and fantasic work experince  I learn lots and I think I mannage that well.



Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Little Miss Boyco Photography 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Levitation project

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Model Anuszka
Model Joe
Assistant Jimmy Allen

Last week was extremely busy.
Today I shot my levitation project.
My idea for  the project was to create a high fashion shoot for a magazine. I used my beautiful friends Joe and Nush as models in an amazing location.
Instead of using the models in an uncomfortable position like in many levitation shots, I decided to have them looking as natural as possible in order to focus more emphasis on the set rather than the actual levitation.

The final photo is a multicomposition of three photographs.
I really like the lighting. I used natural light coming from the windows and two flashes.
To add the extra movement we used a hair dryer to blow Anuszkas dress.

I want to say a big thank you to Joe and Nush for helping me accomplish my idea and to Jimmy for a great assistant  job.


Live view.

Setting up Flash with beauty dish. 

BTS Just chilling Wiesia, Nush and Jimmy

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Advertising Campaign for INDIGO.

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Model and Nail Design Marta Lupka
Make up artist and hair stylist Lawson Wright.

First Page Nailure Magazine
Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Model and Nail Design Marta Lupka
Make up artist and hair stylist Lawson Wright

Website Banner 
Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Model and Nail Design Marta Lupka
Make up artist and hair stylist Lawson Wright.

Marta Lupka contacted me about a photo shoot for an advertising campaign for INDIGO nails in June.
Before we met we contacted each other by email, we had lots of ideas how to create the new poster for INDIGO.

We met at the studio with our make up and hair stylist Lawson on Saturday morning.
Our idea was really simple. A hair bow and a pose which displayed the nails which Marta designed from the new colour collection autumn/winter 2012.
 I used a grey background, three lights and 50mm lenses. 
The photo shoot took around one hour and it went really smooth.
Marta is a really confident model. It was nice and easy to direct her.  
We chose the 10 best shots and then I passed the photos directly to my client without any editing.
A professional retoucher and graphic designers finished the work. 
I also sign the papers with my copyrights for the first time. 
I love the final picture. I am super proud of our work. 
 First Page Cover  Nailure Magazine.   
Website Banners.
And it will go on posters.