Saturday, 23 March 2013

Polka Dot.

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Make Up and Hair Marta Doska
Model Shannon.

Last Tuesday I shot with Marta and Shannon for Marta's new website.
One of the looks was in a retro style with classic red lips and amaizing eyelashes.
Shannon was wearing a lovely Polka Dot dress which is coming back into fashion nearly every year.
I worked with Shannon for the first time and I can recommend her to everyone. She is beautiful, lovely and bubbly and very easy to work with. All of the photos with her are really strong. I struggled to choose my favourite one. 

I used really simple lighting, just one light with a small soft box and two black boards on the side. 
I shot with 2.2 so I got this lovely deep of field effect.

Marta's make up looks fantastic and kept very classic to accentuate the retro beauty of Shannon's face. Black sharp eyeliner and bright red lips with rosy cheeks stand on her beautiful pale skin and dark hair.

Inspiration for this photo shoot by Gil Elvgren's art work 

Friday, 22 March 2013

Assistant job for. Geneva Digital Group UK.

Last week I worked as an assistant to Garrod Kirkwood. 
We shot for Geneva Digital Group at the Toffee Factory in the Ouseburn. 
The  office is allocate in a fantastic place with funky designs and a great location. It must be great to work there!

Garrod was shooting new photos for their website and he created a short video 'How we do it' about the company. My role was setting up two of the lights when we needed them. Garrod also shot the video with natural lighting. I really would like to learn more about making video's. I think lots of photography work nowadays is used on websites and very often clients want to add a video. 
I just looked on the ZARA website last night and there is definitely more movement there than few years ago. I am also using a 'behind the scenes' video on my website.  I think it can show more of my personality. 

Garrod created three portraits of members from the company, a few shots behind the scenes around the tennis table and the main website banner with the GENEVA logo on the red wall. He shot directly to his laptop. This way clients have the opportunity to watch his work and pick the favorite photos straight away. 
I was asked to be part of the shoot and we tried to make the place look busy so we needed more people in the office.  I am also in the company video so it looks like I work there. 

I love working with Garrod. The photo shoot took around 8 hours but time flies when you are having fun.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Colors and movement.

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Make Up Marta Doska
Model Brigitta 

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Make Up Marta Doska
Model Brigitta 

I really enjoyed my first experimental shoot using gels in the studio. I decided to carry on with the  technique but this time the lighting would be a little more complicated and I had to add a long exposure effect to the end of the shot. 
I used four lights with different colour gels and I covered the front light with two different gels and I created a little gap between them so I could keep the normal lighting on the models face. 
I love the reflection coming from the silver leggings and the mix of yellow and red lights on the edge.
However, my favorite one is the second picture. I love movement in fashion shoots, so I used long exposure shooting in F1 and I asked my model to move her head around. 
  You can find these kind of photos in ID magazine which I absolutley love. 
I will use these two shot in my final portfolio.
So I have finished my fashion portfolio project but I still have a few more ideas so I think I will just keep on shooting. 


Behind the scene  Marta Doska MUA 

Behind the scene  Marta Doska MUA 

Behind the scene  Marta Doska MUA 

Friday, 15 March 2013

Sophie Portrait.

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Make Up Marta Doska
Model Sophie Tamara Nattrass 

New portrait for my portfolio project. 

I love shooting with Sophie she has a stunning unique look and is a really nice model to work with.
This time we tried to create a portrait to look like a painting. I borrowed a fox skin scarf from Jennine and Marta created some really subtle make up which suited the brief perfectly.
I used only one light with a soft box and two black boards on each side.

I am happy with the final image. I think I have something a little bit different in my portfolio book.


Thursday, 14 March 2013

New Bridal Portrait.

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Make up and hair Marta Doska 
Model Laura

The last few weeks have been really stressful. I have been working hard on my final portolio project. I have met some new talented fashion designers, a fantastic hair stylist, a make up artist and some stunning models.

I would love to do Fashion photography. I've done a few exiting projects at Uni and I have enjoyed the fashion and beauty ones the most. I am happy with my portolio book, I really like my double page and I have learned some new lighting techniques which I would love to improve. 

I need to think what to do next. I am palanning to contact some of my favourite professional photographers to try and gain some experience assisting them. I am ready to move to London and work as an assistant but I know it will be hard to get a full time assistant job because there are lots of talented people also trying. Anyway I will try. 

On the other hand I really enjoy taking wedding photos. I love the natural reportage style and attention to detail. I have some weddings already booked and Summer 2013 is looking really busy for me. I like the idea of being my own boss. I had a lovely coffee meeting with Vikki, one of my brides to be last week.

In a perfect case scenario I will get busier for Summer weddings. Twenty would be great.
I would love to stay in touch with professional photographers and work on advertising project with them.  I would like to stay in Newcastle till the end of this Summer, I feel happy and settled here.

Coffee meeting Ipad portfolio Photo book and diary.

On Tuesday I was in the studio with Marta all day. We shot photo's for my portfolio and Marta's new website.
I love the fantastic bridal make up by DOSKA MUA.  I can't wait to take the photos of my beautiful brides . If you know anyone who is planning a wedding in 2013 please recommend my website because I still have few dates available.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Playing with gels in the studio.

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
MUA Marta Doska
Model Perchwane

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
MUA Marta Doska
Model Perchwane

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
MUA Marta Doska
Model Perchwane

Double page in my portfolio book. 

A few months ago when I was looking for inspiration for my final portfolio project.  I found two amazing photographers. Greg Adamski and Iga Drobisz.
I absolutely love their work and style. My favourite images are the colourful photos created in the studio with gels. I decided to try the same technique for the first time. 
My idea was to use a model with dark skin and flourescent make up and two colour gels, red and blue.
I used 3 lights with gels and honey horns. I struggled with the lights because the front light was affecting the colour of the background. I moved the front light to the left hand side and the two other lights to the back to fill out the background with red. I really like the final effect that I created and I would love to use this technique again with other colours.
The final photos look like they could be used in an editorial fashion magazine and I used one of them for my double page in my porfolio book and another one has been printed for our photography auction in the Tyneside Cinema on the 27th March. Come along, it's free! The photo is on display there now so you can go along for a sneak preview before you bid for it!

Inspiration by Greg Adamski and Iga Drobisz.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Photography Auction

Come along to get some excellent art at an affordable price!

Read the full story on our blog:

Wednesday 27 March
Doors open: 6pm; Auction starts: 7pm
Tyneside Coffee Rooms, Tyneside Cinema

Photographer Wiesia Bojko

Photographer Wiesia Bojko

Lake District Photographer Wiesia Bojko

Photography auction in the Tyneside Cinema. We are raising money for our final exhibition in London.
On 27th March we are organising a photography auction. You can buy a piece of fantastic work by some talented photographers. It is a great opportunity to buy unique art. Three of my photos will be there!!!

Please come alonge to support us.  
Wednesday 27 March
Tyneside Cinema
Newcastle upon Tyne