Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mr Simon Si the magician.

Yesterday I done a photo shoot with Simon Si. He works as a full time magician in Bath.
He was looking for some fresh photographs for his website and business cards.   
I know Simon from Poland. We went to the same High School. I was suprised when he contacted me regarding photos because we haven't see each other for ten years! I was really looking forward to this photo shoot.

He arrived in Newcastle very early in the morning and we were ready at the studio at 9am. I started setting up the lights and Simon went to the fashion department to iron his suit before the photo shoot Very professional!  

When you are working on stage in front of people you must have acting skills and you have to be confident. Simon was great in front of the camera, he has lots of ideas, some gadgets and lots of different facial expressions. I didn't have to direct him too much and my main role was making sure that the lighting was good. Simon and Laura helped me lots, they are both great assistants. Thank you for helping me again. 

We used two different backgrounds and I tried a few different light set ups to get different effects. 
We spent around 8 hours in the studio with short breaks for magic tricks for Laura and the teachers.
The whole day was great, I met my old friend from my home town and took a few really good photos.

If you need magician please have a look at his website because he is really good!!!

Simon and me high key lights set up.

Behind the scenes Photographer Wiesia Bojko

Behind the scenes Photographer Wiesia Bojko

Behind the scenes Photographer Wiesia Bojko

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