Sunday, 14 October 2012

Welbeck Farm Shop.

Photographer Wiesia Bojko

On Thursday I took photos for Welbeck Farm Shop. My day start really early in the morning . The shop owner ask me to be ready around at 6.  Cup of coffee, hunters, worm white cardrian, camera bag 6.15 am is still really dark outside and we are already driving to the first farm. Excitement us usal before important photo shot did not let me sleep at all. Any way I feel very awake and I am ready for action.

We arrived to the first farm.
I am not a country side girl and probably first time in my live I was so close to the farm animals so that was something new for me. People are super friendly and very chatty and happy to stop the work for a minute and pose. The biggest problem is the lighting is still dark outside and is just a little bit light from inside laps. Surrounded by mud cows I do not have too much space to set up the lights or tripod and definitely I do not have time to wait for better light. I have to take pictures here and now because we have few other places to visit.
We went to photograph the game keepers, miller,Welbeck Abbey Brewery, Stichelton Dairy.

The most dificult one to photograph was the Blagg family  Turkey farm. We went there in the afternoon sky get just covered by dark black clouds and I was taking photos in have rain. I used my speed light but I coudn't reflect the light so final photo have drmatic ligh efect.

That was the most dificult project so far, so difrant that photo shoot in the studio where you can control evrything by pressing the right buttons. But I really enjoed the chalange I have really good time and fantasic work experince  I learn lots and I think I mannage that well.



Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Little Miss Boyco Photography 

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