Friday, 12 October 2012

Levitation project

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Model Anuszka
Model Joe
Assistant Jimmy Allen

Last week was extremely busy.
Today I shot my levitation project.
My idea for  the project was to create a high fashion shoot for a magazine. I used my beautiful friends Joe and Nush as models in an amazing location.
Instead of using the models in an uncomfortable position like in many levitation shots, I decided to have them looking as natural as possible in order to focus more emphasis on the set rather than the actual levitation.

The final photo is a multicomposition of three photographs.
I really like the lighting. I used natural light coming from the windows and two flashes.
To add the extra movement we used a hair dryer to blow Anuszkas dress.

I want to say a big thank you to Joe and Nush for helping me accomplish my idea and to Jimmy for a great assistant  job.


Live view.

Setting up Flash with beauty dish. 

BTS Just chilling Wiesia, Nush and Jimmy

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