Friday, 7 June 2013

Maciek and Monika

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Photographer Assistant Michal Bojko
Model and stylist Monika
Model Maciej

Maciej and Monika are getting married on 6th July 2013. I have booked my flights to Poland and I can't wait to photograph their big day. Maciej belongs to the same group friends that I had when i was in college as a teenager in Poland. We took english classes together, we hitchhiked in the summer time and every Friday we went out to 'Hades', the local night club and listened to rock music. When I look back, they were the best times of my life.

When I found out he was getting married, I was super excited. I contacted him on Facebook and when they asked me to photograph the day I was really happy.

We decided to meet a few weeks before the wedding and we went to Przyjezierze for a pre wedding photoshoot. Monika looked after all of the details, she decided what they were both wearing and she also cut out two big red hearts which I absolutley loved.
The weather was fantastic, it was hot and sunny and we had a great day out in the sun. I think they both enjoyed the photo shoot.

My brother Michal helped me a lot with the reflector and he was a great assistant. I can't wait to work on the wedding day as a team with him. Only four weeks left!


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