Saturday, 8 June 2013

Final Exhibition at Newcastle.

Final exhibition project
Newcastle College Monday 10th June
Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Model/designer Emma

I finished Uni last week. When I walked out from College I had mix feelings. I was happy that I had completed the course but also a little upset. I had two fantastic years and I really enjoyed most of the projects. I learned a lot and I would definitely recommend Newcastle College's Commercial Photography course to anyone who is passionate about photography and loves taking photos.

I have built up my confidence and I  understand lighting techniques in photography much better as well as learning to edit photos in photoshop. 

I also have had the opportunity to meet some fantastic and really talented people from my group, some inspirational teachers, professional photographers, creative fashion designers, make up artists, hair stylists and models.

I will definitely miss them all.

On Monday we are organising the final show at Newcastle College School of art and design in the
 Mandela Building. Please come along to support our work. We start at 6pm. 


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