Tuesday, 29 May 2012


 I wanted to say thanks to Marta for her great work, support and fantastic ideas so I invited her for a portrait shoot. She has helped me a lot with my photo shoots for Uni this year. 

The shoot with Marta went nice and smooth. I arrived at the studio first thing in the morning. One of my photos from the first year has been displayed in large format in the Art and Designer gallery. This made my day.

Back to the studio.
I decided to use a grey background and two lights, one with a soft box and other with honeycomb to light the hair.
I didn't like this effect, it reminded me of an 80's style portrait, so I decided to go really simple and use just one light and the soft box. In the usual Marta style, perfect make up and attention to detail. She is professional, very enthusiastic, creative and stylish. I prefer to work with people which I know. I feel more relaxed in the studio. I hope she will use the photos on her website and facebook page.

We were very well organised and she arrived on time. The photo shoot took around one hour then we decide to go shopping together. I bought new little dress from ZARA.   


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