Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sam and Michael.

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Bride Samantha
Groom Michael
Location Camden London

A few weeks ago I photographed a wedding in Camden, London.
It was held at Gordon Ramsey’s Welcome to York and Albany Restaurant.
Sam and Michael decided to go for a small party and were joined by close friends and family.
It was a fantastic restaurant with amazing food, some great outfits, a really relaxed atmosphere and lovely guests.

Samantha loves the 1950’s and she chose to follow her favorite style on her wedding day. A simple, but beautiful wedding dress, red shoes and a red rose in her hair.
Michael is a photography teacher from London College. He said that he didn’t want any group photos just natural shots from the day. Perfect for my style of photography.

The early spring with blossom on the trees was just perfect for a romantic photo shoot. I took Michael and Sam for a walk through the park and I am really happy with the results.  


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