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How do I pick good wedding photographer?

 Wiesia Bojko Newcastle Wedding Photographer

1. How do I pick a good photographer when there are hundreds listed in my area?
First, look through forums, blogs and facebook pages and then choose your favourite style. It doesn't matter which style you go with, as long as you love it! Once you have a few favourite photographers, narrow it down to a handful of your favourites, contact them and organise a meeting.  Make sure that you meet them in person. When you meet them ask about their qualifications, how long they have been photographing weddings and how busy they are. Ask if they can show you a whole reportage from a wedding day. Remember that they will probably only show their best photographs on their website.  
On your wedding day they will come straight into your very personal life so make sure that you feel comfortable with them. You must not only like their photos but you should also like them!
Wedding Photographer based in Newcastle Wiesia Bojko

2. How many photos do I get?

I think 200-250 is the right number. Some of the best wedding photographers will offer you around 100-150 photos. But I have also seen photographers who offer you more than 1000, but most of them will unfortunately be unedited snap shots straight from the memory card. So be aware of the numbers and always ask if all of them will be edited. Editing is very time consuming and a large part of what you pay will go towards this editing time.

Wedding Photographer based in Newcastle Wiesia Bojko

3. I love the photos with a blurry background. How do you get that look?
You're talking about bokeh, it is a Japanese word roughly translated as "fuzzy." 
I try to photograph most of the wedding day in a style in order to create this effect. It is very fashionable right now and I absolutely love it. In my opinion, it lends itself to wedding photography perfectly, the photos and colours are nice and soft. It is also fantastic for portraits and detailed shots. 

4. How much should I pay for wedding photography? 
This is a very important question and its important that you understand what you are actually paying for.
Beware! Not everyone who owns an expensive camera will be able to deliver good quality photos. The camera can do most of the work but the composition of the photograph is more important. I have studied photography at degree level and I can control all of my camera's settings. I also love to be creative and I am always trying to do something special and artistic on the wedding day!  Taking high standard photos can be difficult and especially with low lighting conditions like a church.
Many wedding photographers will have a wealth of experience and some will have very little. I don't think 10 years of experience is necessary. They may have a certain style that they have used for the last 10 years but is now a bit dated. So you should look at their style as opposed to their experience. I have just finished my first full year of shooting weddings and 2014 is nearly fully booked. I am super excited that my own little business is going so well and I can't wait to start shooting this year. 
The prices can be very confusing. I am currently selling two packages. £1200 for a whole day of photography and £750 for a half day. You should ask to see the photographers terms and conditions in case something happens with your photographs.
People can charge whatever they want but if you really love the photographers style and you think the price is worth it, then go for it.

Wiesia Bojko wedding photographer based in Newcastle 

5. How many photos would you take on the day?
On your wedding day I take photos all day long so their could be around 1000 in the end. If you meet your wedding photographer, ask if they could show you a whole wedding day and not only the best photos. 

6. Do I need to have a second shooter/assistant? 
No one needs a second photographer, but they can provide you with more images from a different perspective. I started shooting weddings with a very good friend of mine, Laura Eddolls, and I was amazed after the first wedding that we did together. She took photos in exactly my style. I feel more relaxed when I shoot with her because I know that we will cover every angle.
I love to have an assistant on the day who can help with extra shots but I am just happy to be doing the job that I love. 
7. When should I book?
The busiest time of the year for weddings is from May until November and for 2014 I already have a few months when I am fully booked. Some people have booked 2 years in advance which is a little bit scary but most of them 6-8 months before the wedding date. 
If your favourite photographer is unavailable on your date, don't panic. Ask them for recommendations — they may know someone with a similar style and a lighter schedule.

8. How much should I spend for a wedding album?
I am not a big wedding album fan, I think they are overpriced and you can create your own photo book online for around £50 with good quality prints and a hard cover. 
Lots of photographers charge around £300-400 because it takes time to design the album. For the same price you can buy yourself an IPAD and use it to show your photos as well as everything else an IPAD can do!

Wiesia Bojko
Wedding Photographer based in Newcastle

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