Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Grazer

Last Saturday I photographed an exclusive dinner event hosted by "The Grazer" aka Anna Hedworth in conjunction with the National Trust at Lindisfarne Castle. When Anna asked me for help with the photos I was really happy and excited about the project. We had a fantastic day out on Holy Island. I took photographs of the beautiful landscapes in the morning and the amazing dinner party in the evening. The dinner, which was prepared by Anna looked amazing, such fantastic food served in a beautiful location with stunning views. I wished to be a guest that night...!

Anna started her blog in 2011 and she has been very successful since. She has a regular column in Appetite magazine, a North East based food magazine, and she also hosts seasonal food and drink 'Grazer' events locally, as well as Pop-up Supper Clubs. 
She is very passionate about cooking and is super talented. 

Just have a look at this link to her blog!



  1. These photos are absolutely fantastic. No matter where you go you seem to capture every bit detail around you. Brilliant work!

  2. These photos are absolutely fantastic. No matter where you are you seem to capture every bit of detail around you, which makes your photos so beautiful. Brilliant work.