Friday, 28 June 2013

Anuszka & Joe

On Saturday 15th June I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of the year! In an amazing location with a beautiful couple who also happen to be very good friends of mine which made me work even harder because I really wanted to do  my best.
I really appreciated the fact that they trusted me and they gave me the opportunity to photograph their most important day. 
I couldn't have done the job on my own without my assistant and favourite photographer, Laura Eddolls.  She is on of the most talented people that I know.

We travelled to a small village near Worksop on the day before the wedding. When arrived we had tea with Joe's parents in the family house and then we met the wedding coordinator. We had a look around the venue to check the location before the wedding. After we dropped the equipment in the office, we discussed how to share the roles for the next day. 
The evening before the wedding we had a lovely dinner with Anuszka and the girls, chatting about make up, nails, dresses and hats. This put me in a really good positive mood and I felt much more relaxed.

Wedding day

I slept really well and I packed my hat, dress and high heels and I went to see the girls. We went for a walk with Snowy the dog and we had a lovely brunch with champagne. At the same time Laura was with the boys. They had taken their boat out onto the lake for a spot of wakeboarding.
Getting ready is always one of my favourite parts and I love how the girls put so much effort to look beautiful on the day. Anuszka decided to do her own make up and she did an amazing job. When the girls were busy with the hairstylist I quickly put my dress on and then I carried on taking photos. I managed to get some really good shots in the house but to be honest its not really that difficult when you are surrounded by a gorgeous bride, pretty bridesmaids and a very photogenic snowy!
 Laura did a fantastic job with the boys and she got some really nice photos from the afternoon.


The wedding Ceremony was held outside in the woods not far from the family house.
Anuszka arrived with the bridesmaids, her two brothers, Izzy the flower girl and snowy.
She looked absolutely stunning!!!
I took photographs from the front and Laura stayed at the back. 
The bride and groom stood around a beautiful arch made from flowers and all of the wedding guests were dressed so smart. It looked just like a dream.

After the ceremony we moved for canap├ęs and reception drinks to the sunken garden back at the house where we took the obligatory group shots.
The wedding breakfast was in the underground ballroom. Some fantastic food followed by great speeches, the first dance, cutting the cake and the party.
I couldn't believe how quickly the day had gone.
I took the last shots of the fireworks and backed up all of my work, put my cameras away and locked it all in the office.
 Time to have some fun and visit the cocktail bar!

I had such a great day at work but I also really enjoyed the wedding.

Anuszka and Joe, thank you so much, I had a fantastic time and I hope you like the photos.


Laura Eddolls
Wiesia Bojko

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