Friday, 22 March 2013

Assistant job for. Geneva Digital Group UK.

Last week I worked as an assistant to Garrod Kirkwood. 
We shot for Geneva Digital Group at the Toffee Factory in the Ouseburn. 
The  office is allocate in a fantastic place with funky designs and a great location. It must be great to work there!

Garrod was shooting new photos for their website and he created a short video 'How we do it' about the company. My role was setting up two of the lights when we needed them. Garrod also shot the video with natural lighting. I really would like to learn more about making video's. I think lots of photography work nowadays is used on websites and very often clients want to add a video. 
I just looked on the ZARA website last night and there is definitely more movement there than few years ago. I am also using a 'behind the scenes' video on my website.  I think it can show more of my personality. 

Garrod created three portraits of members from the company, a few shots behind the scenes around the tennis table and the main website banner with the GENEVA logo on the red wall. He shot directly to his laptop. This way clients have the opportunity to watch his work and pick the favorite photos straight away. 
I was asked to be part of the shoot and we tried to make the place look busy so we needed more people in the office.  I am also in the company video so it looks like I work there. 

I love working with Garrod. The photo shoot took around 8 hours but time flies when you are having fun.

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