Monday, 26 November 2012

Vivienne Westwood , my favorite pair of shoes...

Vivienne Westwood photographer Wiesia Bojko

Painting with lights was my next project for Uni.
We have had two lighting demo's. One in the studio and the other on location in Jesmond Dene.
 This technique is fun but it's not easy to create a professional image.
I decided to do a product shot this time and I used my favorite pair of shoes, two coloured lights, red and blue, and a torch. 
My idea was to create an advertising image for Melissa, Vivienne Westwood. It could be used in a magazine. I created a dreamy colourful background and tried to draw two hearts with the light above the shoes. I set up my camera on a long bulb mode exposure and F11. I had a few people around who were happy to help and swing the lights around the subject, painting my vivienne shoes using the light from the torch. Every single shot is completely different and you can't control the lights in 100 percent.
My final image is a composition of four photos. I like the red reflection on the hearts and the abstract double exposure effect on the top of the photograph looks nice, funky and arty. 

I wish to show my work to Vivienne Westwood and get some feed back. 


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