Sunday, 16 September 2012

Wedding in the countryside.

Two photographers, two cameras each, eight memory cards, five different lenses and two speed lights.
Me and Laura were ready to shoot the wedding of Rachel and Alex. I can't describe how excited I was!
I have known Alex and Rachel for a few years and I was with them when Alex proposed at the top of a mountain in Scotland.
I was extremely happy when Rachel asked me if I would like to be the official photographer on her wedding day on Saturday 15th September 2012.

I am a big fan of WHITE SMOKE STUDIO wedding photography's style. I know they always work in a couple so I asked Laura if she would like to help me with this wedding. She said yes and she was very enthusiastic!

We decide to leave Newcastle the day before the Wedding. We arrived there on Firday afternoon.
So we had half a day to take some test shots at the church and have a look around taking a few photos of al the lovely details. Everything looked like a dream. Alex's dads house was the setting for the wedding, a beautiful farm house with huge gardens and lots of super cute things. The little church was just a few minutes walk from the house. With a beautiful bride to be and the good looking Alex I can't imagine better opportunity for wedding photos for my portfolio.

We stayed over in a friends house but the anticipation and excitement prevented me from getting a good nights sleep. I was way awake at 7am. Jimmy dropped me at the house where the girls were getting ready. We had breakfast and some champagne in the morning and I started shooting at 8.30am.
Laura was shooting with the boys so she had an extra hour in bed!
The girls started with the hair and the make up. It took a good couple of hours to get everyone ready and when theres make up and clothes involved I am always happy to take photos. The bridesmaids put on the long pastel dresses and everyone went to different rooms. I tried to photograph the girls without them knowing I was there. We moved to the empty room for Rachel's wedding dress fitting with her mam and Nush. It was a lovely sunny morning and the huge windows let in lots of light. The natural lighting was just fantastic. I took a few really good shots and I felt very special that I was the first one to see her getting ready.
She looks stunning!

On the way to the church I was very nervous. I had only one chance to take good photos.
I waited at the front and I took a few snaps to check the lighting and to make sure that the settings were correct.
The white balance, shooter speed and high ISO were all ready.
I was really close to them so I could easily use my 50mm lens.
Rachel arrived with her dad on a 99 year old steam engine owned by Alex's uncle. Alex was a little bit nervous but really proud and ver happy. They looked lovely together. I took a few shots and I was happy that the lighting and colour balance all looked great. I could see the emotions on Alex and Rachels faces and I could see how much they love each other. Guests started singing and I started crying even before Rachel. I couldn't stop for a while. Its not the best time to get emotional when the most important photographs are in my hands. I focussed and I tried to think about the camera settings.
Eventually I  managed a couple of good shots from the wedding ceremony. I hope the same thing won't happen next week when I am taking pictures at a strangers wedding!

The rest of the day was smooth. We went back to the farm house for formal shots, speeches, cutting the cake, first dance etc. Josh got his forklift truck out so that we could go up high in the bucket and get a great shot of everyone. Oh, and I managed to take a pre wedding photo shoot with Nush and Joe!
Today and for the next fews days I need to edit the photos and choose the stronger ones. I took over one thousand so theres plenty to do!

I want to say a big thank you to Laura for helping me and doing a great job. I can't wait to see her photos, also I wish to say thank you to my brother Michal who posted me a really good lens which was handy, especially with the traditional shots. I smashed my lens a week before the wedding when I was on holiday. Thank you as well to the ushers, Ian and Josh for there perfect organisation skills and helping with moving people around for the group shoots.

Ps. Keep checking my blog the photos should be ready at the end of this week.


Wiesia Bojko and Laura Eddolls
Official Wedding Photographers for Alex and Rachel Wedding
15th September 2012

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