Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jewellery catalogue behind the scenes.

Silver Republic Project 

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from Jennine, my teacher from college. She asked me if I would be interested in doing some work for an independent jewellery company and creating a catalogue for them. This was fantastic news and a great opportunity to get some work experience. I was super excited. She had chosen me and Michael, a very good photographer from our class to work together on the project. 
We had the first meeting with the client on Wednesday. Carlie, the owner of the company gave us the brief for the project.

A week later we came back for a second meeting with our presentation. Michael decided the location and we went there together to take some test shots so we could display everything to the client. I organised the models and the make up artist.  We talked about ideas, location, inspiration, styling and make up. I was really worried about the weather so we decided to take advantage of a few predicted sunny days and shoot on Wednesday, just two day after the meeting. 
Me and Michael went shopping together and reserved some beautiful dresses for the models . I called all  the models and Doska make up artist to confirmed the date and time. 


Test shots looking for perfect location. 
Photographer Michael Walker .

Wednesday. Shooting day.
We met at College at 8am to get ready. All models arrived on time so Marta started make up and hair. Me and Michael organised equipment and Szymon, a friend of mine who travelled from London to help me with the project, started filming behind the scenes footage. It took us 5 hours to get everyone ready but around 1pm we drove to Saltwell park and we started our photoshoot.

Make Up by Marta DOSKA.
Stunning and professional models. Francesca, Louise, Perchwane and Sophie.

Wiesia Bojko Photographer.
Michael Walker Photographer. 
Szymon Glowacki Assistant.
Marta DOSKA Make Up Artist and Stylist.
Models Louise, Sophie, Francesca and Perchwane.
Jewellery Silver Republic. 
Dresses Top Shop.

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