Friday, 5 April 2013

Romantic Photo Shoots

Photographer Wiesia Bojko 
Leanne and Andy 

I can't wait for the summer, for a little bit of sunshine and warmer, longer days.
I'm excited to do some new photo shoots on location. 
So far this year I have shot mostly in the studio. When I am off work or college, my favourite place is my living room sofa, its soft and warm with a furry blanket. With a cup of coffee and my laptop I am in my element. I can't push myself to go out for a walk when the weather is like it is now, its just too cold!
I am always thinking about how to promote my new buiness and get more weddings bookings for this year.

I love shooting weddings and I want to carry on shooting them in my own style which is natural and romantic. I believe that in the past few years wedding photography has changed. It is more creative because customers are more open minded to trust new styles. I started shooting weddings last summer and during the last couple of months I have been experimenting with some new ideas and searching for inspiration from new age photography styles. I feel that many wedding photographers have failed to change with the times and rely too much on selling their product based on their past experience rather than an ability to offer the customer what they actually want. In my opinion, when choosing your wedding photographer you should look for the style that you want for your photo's regardless of the amount of experience that the photograph has. I love wedding photos which show emotion and feelings. This is very difficult to create using models.

I have decided to do a few more pre wedding photo shoots on location with my future brides and grooms to be. 
I have also advertised on a lovely website,

I uploaded a few of my weddings photos and I linked my profile to my website. The following day, I received a really nice email from the website's picture editor.  
Hi Wiesia,
With our new site up we have turned our heads to the feature images on the homepage, we like to keep this updated and fresh and so have been looking for photos and photographers we would like to feature.
If you are interested we would love to use one of your photo's which would then link back to your profile.
Glad you like the site! :-) We love your work!
Kind regards
YPWPhotographer Team

It was so nice to read the email and my picture is on the website's home page from yesterday! How exciting is that!

Engagement Photo Shoot

Dear lovely couple,
If you would like to book a romantic engagement photo shoot please have a look at these photos that have inspired me and give me a shout.
Make up artist / stylist can be provided on the photo shoot. 

Few inspiration shots for my photo shoots in Spring/ Summer 2013.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Chris Ramsey

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Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Chris Ramsey

I really like to attend meetings with photographers when they come to College for talks with students about their work and experiences. After this kind of meeting I feel inspired and I get new ideas how to promote myself.

I have heard photographers say that photography has changed their lives and given them opportunities to visit great places and meet interesting and famous people.

This happened to me not so long ago. I got a really exciting project and the chance to meet Chris Ramsey, a stand up comedian from the North East, which I know from the BBC 2 programme Hebburn.

I done a photo shoot for Comic Relief's Red nose day in Gateshead with Chris.  
I have worked for comic relief a few times this year.
Before the shoot I got the brief from Katie, the picture editor.
We shot in Gateshead Central Library. They asked me for a few natural shots with Chris and the kids without the flash but with natural lighting and a studio portrait on a white wall. I packed 3 lights, a soft box and a white background just in case I cound't find a big enough plain wall. 
My cousin Martyna who was in Newcastle for a short holiday helped as my assistant.  

The whole shoot including the studio portrait took maybe around 30 minutes and I didn't have too much time to play around with the lighting so everything had to be well set up. 
I was a little bit stressed but happy with my lighting. After the shoot I emailed all the photos to Katie and I got some nice feed back from her.

I am always happy to work for Comic relief and I hope I will get more exciting jobs like that next year. 

Photographer Wiesia Bojko
Chris Ramsey